Ok since I got this before posting, I'll suggest | instead of **.

****Now on the issue of "one or more characters":  ******
This came up briefly a few months ago, but nobody followed-up and it seemed
nobody was interested.   Someone please suggest a character for that, and I'll
add it to the proposal.

I'll wait until at least the end of today before posting any proposal.


Thomas Place wrote:

> I do care and definitely prefer '|' over '**'. Furthermore, it would make
> life more pleasant for parsers (at least for my parser) if word boundaries
> were taken into account. Normally, space (or whitespace) is used as word
> boundary. So I prefer 'Gone | | wind' over 'Gone||the wind'. It is a pity
> there is no masking symbol for one or more characters, because that could be
> used in combination with word separators to mask words.
> Thomas