"LeVan,Ralph" wrote:

> I hope we are sticking to the extremely regular grammer that I
> thought we had agreed on.  All Boolean triples in parens, all terms in
> double quotes, backslash to escape special characters inside quotes.

We're sticking with these decisions that were made at the meeting (with
significant deliberation), publicized, and haven't since been challenged. These
are not subject to reversal at this point.

> I believe we still need first-in-field and last-in-field indicators.  I
> still like the caret ('^') and dollar-sign as new special characters at the
> beginning of words to do that.

(1) If the default for srw is anchored, and the default for Z39.50 (AA) is
unanchored, how do you reconcile that?
(2) Is it necessary to have different characters at the beginning and end?
(3) If we do this, should we drop the current masking proposal?