Hello Fellows,

There's a touch of fall in the air in DC. We have had some cool
weather of late, and can see hints of the changing colors our trees
will soon present. I hope your school year has begun with the sense
of excitement and great promise I remember from my years in the
classroom. We are feeling that crackle of excitement here, too :-)

Judy and the Digital Reference Team have some wonderful new workshops
to offer via video conference or at the LOC, here in DC. Visit the
Educators section of the Learning Page to find out more. The Digital
Reference Team has more exciting projects up their sleeves, as well.
Watch for further word from Judy.

Things are popping on the Learning Page:
* Gail Petri (AMF, 2000) has joined us and will be working on new
activities for you to use with your students and to share with your
*Elizabeth Ridgway, as evidenced by her note, is turning your
beautiful lessons out as quickly as she can!
*I'm busy revising the lesson Kathleen Ferenz and I created in '97
and rebuilding the America Dreams Project to run from the Library's
pages...with a brand new Wall of Dreams.
*We are encountering a bit of rough water, but are sure that we will
soon be sailing smoothly in the Community Center.  Please join us in
this month's discussion of Immigration. We look forward to your
knowledgeable participation in the online conversations and the live
chats. Please share this invitation with your colleagues...share
often, share widely :-)
*We are working diligently at adding more content to the Immigration
Feature, watch for the section on Chinese immigration and a new
project,  Today's Immigrants.
*The Conference season has begun!  Please share your upcoming
presentations so we can put them in the "NEWS!" section of the
Learning Page. There are a number of Fellows' and Library staff
presentations in October.  PLEASE mark your calendar for NCSS in
November. Gail, Elizabeth and I would love to see you there!
Elizabeth will be asking for your participation in the Library's
exhibit area if you are attending.

Phew!  Guess that's it for now. We hope you have had an opportunity
to look at the new "Getting Started" section of the Learning Page.
Some feedback on the changes there would be welcomed.

Happy New School Year to all of you!

Leni, Class of '97
Leni Donlan
The Learning Page
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