The EADWG intends to make an XSLT stylesheet (or transformation) available
for version 1.0 to 2002 conversion. It is currently in draft, needing
further testing, some enhancements, comments, and instructions. In addition
to the transformation, it will also generate a report, providing the
precise Xpath of the elements and attributes it modifies. In fact, the
major work remaining is on the report generation component.

Among many other things, it will elevate the version 1.0 langmaterial
attribute to the new <langmaterial> element in the <did>. Using each ISO
639-2 code value in the version 1.0 attribute and a list of natural
language equivalents to the codes, it creates a <language> element with
both the ISO code and the natural language equivalent of the code. The
options are for English or French natural language equivalents, as these
are the two languages provided in ISO 639. The French transformation needs
to be tested and reviewed by someone proficient in French, as I fear my
French is not as good as your English.

It will probably be several more weeks before the stylesheet is finalized,
and so I would ask that everyone be patient. At the moment we are trying to
complete the final reviews of the DTD before releasing it, and then I will
turn my attention to the stylesheet.


  At 04:31 PM 10/17/2002 +0200, you wrote:
>Hello all,
>my English is rather poor, so I won't be long
>Is there anyone or any team thinking about writing an XSL-T stylesheet in
>order to convert an XML/EAD (v. 1.0) finding aid instance into an XML/EAD
>(v. 2002) one ?
>If so, could this stylesheet be part of a "2002 EAD public toolkit" ?
>Thanks for any answer
>Florence Clavaud
>Archives nationales (Centre historique) /service des nouvelles technologies
>60 rue des Francs-Bourgeois
>F - 75141 PARIS CEDEX 03

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