Version 2002 is more specific as to appropriate values for certain
attributes in <eadid>, setting as the defaults certain ISO standards for the
codes for the country and name of the organization maintaining the
electronic version of the finding aid, which is what the ead header is all

The codes for the country are to be taken from ISO 3166-1, Codes for the
representation of names of countries and their subdivision- Part 1:Country

The identifier for the repository should conform to ISO 15511, Information
and Documentation- International Standard Identifier for Libraries and
Related Organizations.   In the U.S., the Library of Congress is the
Maintenance Agency responsible for the assignment of such identifiers.

Michael Fox

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To those who are in the know,

Will the content standard being created, CUSTARD, and or the soon-to-be-
released EAD version 2002, have more guidelines on the creation of a unique
<eadid>?  If so will it be similar to the ISAD(G) 3.1.1 Reference code(s)?

My work has me working on an <eadid> and a reference code for use in our new
collections management system and they must be unique and different from one

Looking for a little guidance,