In the soon-to-be-released EAD 2002, <admininfo> has been unbundled and you will be able to use <accessrestrict> (and other former <admininfo> subelements) anywhere you can now use <did>, <scopecontent>, etc.

In EAD 1.0, though, it seems to me that you *can* do what you seem to want to do, which if I read your message correctly is to get an <accessrestrict> statement in your
<archdesc level="recordgrp">, you just have to wrap <accessrestrict> as follows:

    <head>Restrictions on Access</head>
    <p>Blah, blah, blah.</p>

<admininfo> is repeatable, so you can put this access restriction statment anywhere you want it after you close the </did> and before you open the <dsc>. Download Michael Fox's fonds.xml (Appendix A), in the section labelled "Download special sections of the EAD Cookbook" at <>. You'll see how Michael has repeated <admininfo> several times within <archdesc> to allow flexibility in where the varous <admininfo> subelements are placed within the encoding.


Alison Hinderliter wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> Why is it that the <accessrestrict> tag is only available in the
> <admininfo> section of the finding aid?  I have a collection wherein only
> one record group has sensitive material that I need to restrict for 40
> years.  I've included wording in the <admininfo> section, but I'd also like
> to add an <accessrestrict> tag within the finding aid, at the record group
> level.  Right now I've just added a <note> to the <scopecontent> field at
> that level.
> Thanks for any and all <insight>,
> Alison
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