Hi Tanya,

ISAD(G) recommends using a combination of an ISO 3166 country code:

along with a national repository code standard for its identity statement
area (3.1.1).  Since LC is the maintenance agency of the National Union
Catalog code assignments, is the maintenance agency for the much broader
MARC 21 standard, and is much more inclusive in terms of the number of
repositories for which it provides unique codes, I'd go with LC.  I doubt
many people are including the ISAD(G) version of the code in their <eadid>,
however.  I'm sure most people are going with simply the LC/NUC code.  But
I'm curious to know if anyone is applying this according to ISAD(G).

For our consortium, we used the following method:

AIP: <eadid systemid="MdCpAIP"
Caltech: <eadid systemid="MdCpAIP"
University of Chicago: <eadid systemid="MdCpAIP"
MIT: <eadid systemid="MdCpAIP"

etc., where we (AIP) are the hosting organization (systemid) and the
consortium participants are the source.  But since these attributes are
disappearing in EAD 2002, something will obviously change on our end.
Probably, the directory naming will reflect these codes instead.

Hope this helps,

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The Center for Jewish History has recently been assigned repository
designators in RLIN and LC MARC for use in our <eadid>. We have a few
questions concerning which designator to use, so any information you can
provide would be helpful.

A bit of background first: The Center is an umbrella organization for five
repositories. The Center itself received both RLIN and MARC designators.
Each of the larger repositories (three in all) have received both RLIN and
MARC designators. One institution received only a MARC designator, and the
fifth repository was not assigned an RLIN or MARC designator as it will be
using either its ultimate parent (a University) or possibly one of the
Center's codes.

My questions are:
1. What are the differences between using an RLIN or MARC designator in

2. What are the preferences of using one or the other?

3. How do consortiums such as ours handle the designator situation?

3. Any readings on the matter would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to provide.

Tanya Elder
NHPRC Project Archivist
Center for Jewish History
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New York, NY 11231
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