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In rereading my reply to the earlier message from Sr. Mariz, I see that my
response might be misinterpreted.   The problem to which the writer referred
was corrected some time ago and the stylesheets currently available at the
EAD Help Pages site should provide the proper functioning in any compliant
XSLT processor (at least with respect to this matter).

My reference to new stylesheets was to a new set of stylesheets that will
compatible with both EAD version 1.0 and version 2002 but which have nothing
to do with this earlier issue.

The reminder by Stephen and Daniel that there are newer, more compatible
processors than XT is a good one.   Saxon and MSXML are widely used.  I urge
that any stylesheets you create and the output of transformations in general
be tested against more than one processor and more than one browser
respectively as there are differences possible within the confines of the
XSL standards and the implementation of character sets, HTML, and CSS within
browsers from version to version and operating system to operating system.

Saxon, for example, is very powerful but the developer tends in incorporate
(quite legally) more extension elements than are found in other XSLT
processors.  Stylesheet authors need to be aware that the magic that they
create at home might not be possible on a consortial server that uses
different software.  That is not to suggest that Saxon is not a very good
tool but rather that this is another area where we all need to be more
mindful of the impact of local decisions on the larger process of sharing
and integrating our finding aids.


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James Clark's XT (Version 19991105) did not fully implement XSLT 1.0. It
implemented the PR-xslt-19991008 version of XSLT, which is to say, the
final proposed recommendation.

Others have continued to develop it. The fruits of these efforts can be
found at

Based on the documentation available at,
it is still not a full implementation of XSLT 1.0.

At 10:28 PM 9/29/2002 +0100, you wrote:
>I'm beginning to use the 4.3. version of XMLSpy.
>Using my EAD files and an adapted version of my own of Cookbook stylesheet
>style 1 (or any other), the XMLSpy refuses to transform the files unde the
>pretext that "tha attribute "select" is not valid in "xsl:call-template".
>Nevertheless, if I use XT at the prompt line, the process goes without
>Would anyone have some explanation for this?
>Thank you for your attention
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