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> My original proposal was to NOT have a second ballot for "Sichuan Yi",
> since that has been approved by 100 % of the voting members that
> voted, ...

Fine: Agreed.

> A second ballot would be needed for "Yi languages (other)" only, which
> did not receive 100 %. I have invited JAC members to discuss this item.

Here's my main contribution to this discussion.

I don't think that there is a need for a "Yi languages (other)" code
at all.

Use of the "XXX languages (Other)" generally is  - to say the least -
not widely documented in ISO 639-2, or elsewhere, and I believe that
it follows that no "XXX languages (Other)" codes should be added
unless there is a formal review of the use of, and the users needs
for, (or the non-use of, or the lack of user needs for) codes for
"XXX languages" and "XXX languages (Other)" among users of ISO 639-2,
the MARC21 codes (whose codes are alligned with ISO 639-2), and users
and developers of the closely related de facto standards which in
some cases have additional or different codes, including the language
tables in UKMARC, SWEMARC, etc.

There is also the further likelihood that "Yi languages (other)"
could be nested within another "XXX languages (Other)", for instance
if a "Tibeto-Burman languages (Other)" were to be introduced, or if
one of the other existing "XXX languages (Other)" already was defined
to include "Yi languages (other)."

There are other nesting situations already in ISO 639-2, either
implicit or explicit.

So there are a variety of complexities in adding any new code for any
"XXX languages (Other)."

If we can keep the situation simple, just adding  a new code for
"Sichuan Yi" would be all that needs to be done for any Yi language,
and I think we should steer clear of wider complexities, unless we
wish to address this for all languages.

Best regards

John Clews

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