The ISO 639 RA-JAC has received the following proposal for a new entry in
the alpha-3 table:

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Subject: New ISO 639-2 code

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lang_in_eng = Kalmyk language
lang_in_fre =
ref_where_found_1 =
lang_in_vern =
ref_where_found_2 =
trans_lit =
evidence = Columbia University Libraries (157)
addinfo =
request_addition = ISO 639-2 only
2_code_suggestion =
3_code_suggestion = KLM
submit_name = Susan Summer
submit_email = [log in to unmask]
submit_status = Catalog librarian, Columbia University Libraries

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ISO 639 encoding: tut = Altaic (other)

Linguasphere: 44-BAA-bd = Kalmyk (Cf 44-BAA-be = Oyrat)

Ethnologue: KGZ = Kalmyk-Oirat. Called "Kalmyk" in Russia, "Oirat" in China.
Some 174.000 speakers in Asian Russia, 139.000 in China, 205.000 in


It isn't entirely obvious to me whether we should include "Kalmyk" or
"Kalmyk-Oirat". If we go for the former, a change will be needed in the
Ethnologue encoding. One important question is whether the groups have a
common literature across the borders.

One option might be to encode "Kalmyk" and "Oirat" seaparately.

Input is invited!

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