Yes, I meant to have a second round because there was less than 100%
voting. From the procedures:

"3.2. Voting. 

     Each member of ISO 639/JAC has one vote. 
     Voting is obligatory. 
     A vote must be unanimous for approval of an item. If there are
abstentions, it shall not be considered unanimous
     If a unanimous vote cannot be reached on an item, a second vote will
be conducted following discussion.
     At least five positive votes are required to pass on the second

Then it says later:
"Failure to vote is considered an abstention (and thus a unanimous ballot
cannot be reached with an abstention)."

This is from our procedures, based on Annex A of the standard:

There was a case in the past before Gerhard joined when we had Mr.
Vervoorn on the committee who did not respond to the voting. In those
cases I did conduct a second ballot.


On Wed, 2 Oct 2002, [iso-8859-1] Håvard Hjulstad wrote:

> My original proposal was to NOT have a second ballot for "Sichuan Yi", since
> that has been approved by 100 % of the voting members that voted, and that I
> don't expect that percentage to change in a second ballot.
> A second ballot would be needed for "Yi languages (other)" only, which did
> not receive 100 %. I have invited JAC members to discuss this item. I do NOT
> see any need to have another discussion of "Sichuan Yi".
> In other words: If the JAC approves these procedures, the "important" ballot
> is finished, and we can add "Sichuan Yi" to our list.
> I am not quite sure how to interpret Rebecca's message: Do you find a need
> for a formal second ballot of "Sichuan Yi"? If so, I shall gladly prepare
> that immediately; I just thought it would be sufficient to do this by
> "negative ballot": "if you don't say anything, you haven't changed your
> mind".
> I will obviously not let the "Yi languages (other)" issue delay the "Sichuan
> Yi" issue.
> Best regards,
> Håvard
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> My comments were mainly about procedure and sticking to what our document
> says we need to follow.
> Can you submit the evidence for the Yi languages (other) for the record?
> It would be good to document that.
> I guess Michael is concerned about holding this up any further. If
> necessary to have further discussion we could do 2 separate votes, one on
> Sichuan Yi and the other on Yi languages (other). I am also interested in
> finishing this quickly, since we are working on a new edition of the MARC
> codes and would like to include these in that document if they are
> approved.
> Rebecca