At 21:09 +0200 2002-10-02, Håvard Hjulstad wrote:
>Yes, we definitely need a second vote for "yix".
>However, the argument that there is "no formal request" is hardly any reason
>not to process it.

Yes it is. You have to have a request for a code in order to process
a request for a code.

>During the Yi discussion it became quite clear that there
>are other Yi languages with a number of documents.

It is obvious that there are 6800+ languages in the world too. You
haven't started ballotting everything in the Ethnologue.

>Those are currently coded as "something-else (other)". It was an
>obvious follow-up of the evidence that was presented. (I partly
>share Michael's "dislike" of the "other" languages; this issue is
>discussed in the document TC37/SC2/WG1 N101, which I submitted to
>the WG few days ago. However, there are obvious needs in some user
>groups for these identifiers, and those needs cannot be ignored.)

If you want to add codes for the other Yi languages, you have to show
the same criteria of numbers of documents for each language in order
to assign them codes. If you wish to do that, please add individual
codes for each language individually. And if you do that, please use
the existing Ethnologue three-letter codes where possible.

>Michael's request for Sichuan Yi will be finalized very soon. Other requests
>and needs may or may not be Michael's; the JAC will process them regardless
>of what Michael thinks, wants, or says. It does not at all help the process
>that Michael finds it necessary to express anger or "for heaven's sake" or
>whatever. Please bear in mind that the JAC list is "almost" a formal ISO
>meeting; I expect the tone of the submissions to the list to respect that.

It came as a TOTAL surprise to me that something I had NOT requested,
and which I object to and would never have requested, has been
ballotted. I am an official observer of this group, and I have seen
NO request for "yix" and I have not seen the ballot either. This does
not seem to me to be correct procedurally, and I am naturally
alarmed. And I naturally expressed my irritation to get people's
attention. I think something WRONG is going on with the process,
Håvard, and don't want to see that happen.

>The request in May was NOT for "Yi" (unmodified). The submitted request
>needed suplemental information, which was collected and submitted by various
>members of the JAC. This has not taken longer time than should be expected.
>One week from now I expect that it is official that Sichuan Yi has the
>identifiers "ii" and "iii".

Please do not add a two-letter code for Sichuan Yi. Please take the
wishes of the requester into account. Thank you.
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