Network Bulletin No. 02-33

Date: October 4, 2002

Subject: Readership and circulation

Index Term: Electronic collection  of
annual reports

This network bulletin repeats the information sent in TIE
message 02-24, dated September 30, 2002.  It is a call for
the readership and circulation reports for the period
October 1, 2001- September 30, 2002.  These reports are due
by __November 1 , 2002.__  This year NLS is collecting the
data online, using the new __network library database__facility
of the network library services web site.  To
access the __network library database,__log on to the
network library web site, <>, with
your __administrative user ID__and password.  The network
database is the seventh link on the menu.  Follow the link
to the screen that includes the subheadings:

Review Readership Information for F.Y. - Period:
Review Circulation Information for F.Y. - Period:

A major change has become necessary because of the online
reporting.  Regional librarians should submit information
only for their own libraries and not in combination with
their subregionals, as in the past.   Subregional libraries
should enter their own reports.   Regional libraries that
have subregionals may view the data from their subregionals
at any time.  (See Network Bulletin 02-25.)

Please print and retain a backup copy of your submissions.
If you are unable to submit reports using the network
library services web site, please call (202) 707-9276 or
send an  e-mail to me at <[log in to unmask]>.   A member of the
reference staff will talk you through the process or provide
a way for an alternative submission.

Reporting procedures were amended in Network Bulletin 00-66,
dated December 22, 2000, and modified for 2002 as follows:

September 30           Reporting period ends
November 1             All network library statistics due at NLS
November 15            NLS posts list of non-submitting
November 29            NLS reposts list of non-submitting
December 15            NLS sends letter to non-responding
                       regional library's administering agency

For further information contact:

Linda Redmond, Head
Reference Section