Network Bulletin No. 02-32

Date: October 4, 2002

Subject: Reference materials

Index term: Library and Information Services to Individuals
with Disabilities

The reference bibliography __Library and Information
Services to Individuals with Disabilities__(02-01), 2002,
supercedes the January 1997 (97-01) edition.  A sample copy
is enclosed along with an updated table of contents for your
Reference Bibliography binder.  Please insert this copy into
your library's binder and discard all copies of the previous

Additional copies of this publication can be ordered from
your multistate center.  The MSC stock number is RE005.  The
bibliography is available online at

[Enclosures: This bulletin contained a print enclosure that
was mailed to the network on October 4, 2002.]

For further information please contact:

Linda Redmond
Head, Reference Section


Reference Bibliographies
Table of Contents

MSC Stock #   Title                                     Date

RE006         Accessibility: A Selective Bibliography   1994

RE012         Assistive Technology: A Selective          2000
              Bibliography (00-01)

RE007         Disability Awareness and Changing                                                                        (In process)
              Atitudes (In process)

RE005         Library and Information Services to      2002
              with Disabilities (02-01)