Thursday, October 17, 2002
Dear PCC Participant:

        It is time to publicize the most recent news developments to
have surfaced on the PCC front.

        The Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) will host two
workshops at ALA Midwinter Conference on Friday, January 24, 2003, in
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in support of SACO, the Subject Authority
Cooperative Program of the PCC.  Participants are required to
pre-register. The workshops are open at no charge on a first-come,
first-served basis to all catalogers/librarians interested in proposing
new subject headings and changes to existing Library of Congress Subject
Headings (LCSH). Training materials will be provided free of charge at
the workshop. PCC programs will comply with the Americans with
Disabilities Act.

For a full description of the SACO workshops and a link to the
registration forms, please go to the SACO Home Page and open up your
browser to:

Locations for the workshops have not yet been announced by ALA.  Both
workshops have a maximum registration of 50 participants.  Attendance
for workshop B does require that a prerequisite be met; namely, that
prior attendance at the Basic SACO Workshop on proposing headings or
experience in submitting subject proposals is mandatory.

        The PCC Standing Committee on Standards has completed an
extensive project to review the original core record standards and to
harmonize their contents, language, and presentation style.  Each of the
Core Record Standards was developed by a task group of specialists in
the cataloging of all formats.  There is now an Integrated Chart of PCC
Core Record Standards as well as a new introduction to the PCC BIBCO
Core Record Standards that has been posted to the BIBCO Home Page.  The
Core Record Standard for Cartographic Materials was developed while this
core standard harmonization effort was in process.  The new PCC Core
Bibliographic Record Standard for Cartographic Materials has been posted
to the BIBCO Home Page.  Please go to to see the list of
required elements to be included in bibliographic records for these
types of materials.  For a summary of changes to the cores, go to the
SCS Annual report at:

        The BIBCO Annual report ( ) has been posted
to the BIBCO Home Page.  This report highlights the accomplishments of
the BIBCO Program during FY02 and features the individual contributions
of the BIBCO institutions, brief summaries of the BIBCO Operations
Committee meeting and the BIBCO-At-Large meetings.  Of special note is
the completion of the BIBCO Participant's Manual for which Progam
participants should be especially grateful.

        The annual meeting of the PCC Policy Committee (PoCo) is
scheduled for November 2002.  The agenda includes a discussion of the
proposed changes made to the PCC Strategic and Tactical Plan as well as
changes in the PCC Governance document.  Please keep your eyes peeled to
the PCC Home Page that will announce the PoCo decisions made.

        Remember to periodically check the PCC Home Page for new
documents, especially at this time of year when the Program's annual
reports are posted.  Prepare to refresh your bookmarked pages to ensure
that the most up-to-date information has been included in your display.
Check the newest comprehensive list of SACO Web resources, which is
continually updated and maintained.  And as always, please let me know
directly of any changes to information for contacting you and your