This refers to the Tasini decision.  It has had a major impact on
database content, e.g. Dialog et al.  Also newspapers are pulling
content from databases for articles that were written by freelancers
during a time when contracts did not make clear who owned what and how
the material could be re-used.  Most newspapers have changed those
contracts now -- some did several years ago.

So if you search on "Tasini decision"  you'll find more than you may
ever want to know about this situation.

BTW Tasini was President of the Writers Guild when they filed the
original lawsuit some years ago.

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Now we know why.


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In response to Carla's note, I called the Army Times Publishing Company
spoke with Kent Miller.  Mr. Miller told me the decision to pull their
materials from all electronic sources was due to the Supreme Court
holding publishers libel for selling freelancers' materials to 3rd
without permission or compensation.  Mr. Miller said one recent
by a publisher was for $10,000.

Mr. Miller said since November of 2001 (2000?--can't read my scribbled
notes!), they have had freelancers sign permission statements and expect
have some content available again in aggregators services.  They regret
having to pull the content but felt they had no choice.

I've cc'ed Mr. Miller on this message.  If you wish to contact him, I'm
he would be glad to respond.

I wonder how many other publishers are having to make similar
decisions--imagine going back to freelancers to get their permission for
years of archives!


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Subject: Removal of Gannett Products (Federal Times) from Database
Aggrega tors

The fulltext of Army Times, Navy Times, Air Force Times, Federal Times
is no
longer available in Ebsco databases. Jerry Eonta at Ebsco said that
is pulling all their products off all commercial aggregators. Gannett
publishes USA Today, Armed Forces Journal, Army, Air Force, Navy, and
Federal Times.  The current policy at Army Times is that if you buy the
print you get one free online password limited to one person.  They will
longer sell license agreements to libraries or offices for access to the
online version.

If you have strong feelings about this, you might want to contact

I sent the following email to Betty Gonner ([log in to unmask]) at Army
and the "contact us" email at Gannett ([log in to unmask]):

"I noticed that the fulltext of Army Times in no longer available in
Military Full Text. Jerry Eonta at Ebsco said that Gannett is pulling
their products off all commercial aggregators. Gannett is not looking at
bigger picture When publishers pull their periodicals out of the full
databases, the articles and information are lost to a large number of
people. People will use sources of information other than Gannett
to get the information they need. Nothing is more frustrating than to
about an article, but not be able to access it.

This office purchases electronic resources centrally for 88 Army
around the world and print copies of Army Times for troops stationed in
Bosnia and Kosovo. Our Librarians manage information and help the
users find the information they need through fulltext databases such as
by Ebsco, Proquest, Gale Infotrac, Dialog, Lexis/Nexis, and other

When librarians are determining where to spend their money, more than
they will purchase fulltext aggregated databases instead of purchasing
access to a single online fulltext title. Looking at it from this view
point, Gannett will lose the money from the aggregators  and may not get

The current policy of only allowing one person access for one print
subscription - limits use in libraries.  Librarians do not do most of
searching.  Licenses to the Army's fulltext aggregated databases include
remote access for library patrons.  Libraries are becoming virtual. If
libraries have the choice between print or electronic - most often
electronic aggregated databases win. Again Gannett loses. Please
your decision. "


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