Thank you, ma'am!  Many have mentioned this guide, as well as some NTIS publications and a planning
guide from MLA.  I will have to compile a summary of the suggestions for future reference.
Bob Mohrman
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Subject: Re: Space planning criteria

The Corps of Engineers Design Guide for Libraries is very old (1983) but still available at
Ann Parham
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Subject: Space planning criteria
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Greetings!  A former Army librarian, now at Eglin AFB, asked me about Army and/or
Federal space planning criteria for Federal Hospitals.  Since I cannot think of any
source of such standards at the moment, I thought I'd ask the rest of you for references,
as this topic has probably been discussed before.  I'm sure I will need this information
myself before too long as well.
(I will query the Army librarians separately.)

Robert Mohrman
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I've been trying to lay my hands on
the criteria the Army uses to determine space allocations
for med libs.  HFPA used to have that on their web site but
it's long gone & I can't raise anyone at the only phone # I
have for them.  The library design guide references the pub
"Administrative Space Planning Criteria for Federal Hospitals"
but I can't locate it (or even a source for it) anywhere.  Any