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Electronic Resources and DVD/Video Cataloging Workshop
Dec. 3-6, 2002, Ft. Myers, Florida

The Southwest Florida Library Network invites catalogers to come to Ft.
Myers, Florida, Dec. 3-6, for a workshop of 3 days on cataloging
electronic resources and 1 day on cataloging video DVDs, presented by
Nancy B. Olson.

The Electronic Resources cataloging workshop will follow the new
chapters 9 and 12 of AACR2 (attendees must have the new 2002 AACR2).
One day will be spent on chapter 9, cataloging physical items, and
introducing the cataloging of remote access items.  The next two days
will be spent cataloging remote access electronic resource serials and
remote access integrating electronic resources, including how to
distinguish between them.  LCRIs for chapter 12 will be discussed.  The
MARC 21 format will be used (I will have the new OCLC format document)

The fourth day will be devoted to video cataloging (AACR2 chapter 7)
focusing on the problems of cataloging DVDs.

Participants will work in small groups part of each day, actually
cataloging some of these items.  Participants are invited to bring
things that need to be cataloged for their libraries in the categories
covered during the workshop.

Attendees should have some cataloging experience/background/training, as
this is an advanced workshop.  This workshop is not restricted to
catalogers from any one type of library -- catalogers from all kinds and
levels of libraries are welcome.  While the focus of the four days is on
descriptive cataloging, other aspects of the cataloging process will be
discussed, and questions will be welcome.  If attendees have Cataloging
of Audiovisual Materials and Other
Special Materials, by Nancy B. Olson (4th ed., 1998), please bring it,
as it has useful background information.  If anyone wants to buy a copy
at the workshop, copies will be available (special price of $60.00)

The presenter, Nancy B. Olson, has 33 years cataloging experience, and
is well-known for her books  and workshops on cataloging all types of
audiovisual/nonprint/special materials.  Her practical, hands-on,
workshops have been well-received throughout the country.

For information about costs and registration, contact Vince Mariner,
Continuing Education Coordinator, Southwest Florida Library Network
(SWFLN)  phone 239-225-4225 or toll free at 1-877-793-5699.  Fax
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For information about the site
the hotel is right on the beach and has special rate for the workshop