I was assuming it to be an attribute on a field. We could cover both pieces
of info (it's a transliteration, and what transliteration scheme) by having
an attribute that is simply:

    transliteration=[pinyin, wade-giles, etc.]

There would have to be a "cop-out" value ("other" and/or "unknown"). There
would have to be an authoritative list of transliteration schemes and we
could limit it to a few very common ones, with everything else being
"other." I think we can justify this in that transliteration, as many have
stated here, should be a thing of the past and this would primarily be used
for older metadata that is being transformed to MODS, not for metadata
being created currently or in the future.


At 04:44 PM 11/21/2002 -0800, Foster Zhang wrote:
>Can someone summarize what we need to do with transliterations? For many
>reasons, parallel elements that carry transliterations have existed in
>bibliographic database. If we all agree to have some attributes to indicate
>field/element carry a transliterated information, we need to have a name for
>the attribute and controlled values of such list.
>Will this attribute be a type attribute associated with a schema list, or an
>attribute specifically designed for transliterations as Yves suggested?
>Do we need language indicator for what the transliterations is for?
>I have not seen this to be included in the MODS change list.
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> >But this restriction type would get awfully long - it not just Chinese that
> >gets transliterated. How about Cyrillic, Tamil, Innu, etc.?
>Of course there is a lot of transliterations (there more than 6000
>languages, how transliterations ?).
>Technically the value of the attribute could be just a "link" to a reference
>list, not a real restriction ?
> >The authority attribute could be pressed into use for this as well.
>Is there currently some authorities for the transliterations ?
>For the point of view of the programmer, MODS should avoid ambiguity and
>implicit meaning.
>Yves Pratter

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