>But we already have multiple types of title, each of which may need to be
>transliterated.  So transliteration can't be a type of title parallel with
>uniform title, etc.  It has to be something else.  We also have names,
>publication info, abstract, etc.., which may also need to be

The transliterated field should use the same type of original field plus an
attribute for the type of transliteration used.

<title type="uniform">[title in Chinese]</ttile>
<title type="uniform" translit="pinyin">[Chinese title in pin yin]</title>
<name type="person">[author 1 in Chinese]</name>
<name type="person" translit="wade-giles">[Chinese name in
<name type="person">[author 2 in Japanese]</name>

>Is a transliterated title a useful access point to anyone other than a

Take example of Pinyin for Chinese, users in Singarpore, students/faculty
who's native language is not Chinese need to search database for Chinese

The transliteration can also be used for system to determine sort order and
construct the index correctly.

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