I saw another project on the internet about XML bibliographic records.

This project is a bit old (may 2000 - and may be dead ?), may be too
complicated but it could be interessing to see another point of view on the

There is one DTD for the biblio records, and another for the authorities.

This format is like mods, it doesn't use MARC numbers, just (english) names
for the elements.
It is based on UNIMARC (the french flavor of MARC), but i think there could
be a lot of similarities with MODS.
Moreover there could be some "answers" in these dtds of the problem of XML
(i see an element <transliteration> for example)

So, i have the impression that the french development team of BiblioML has
no knowledge of the existence of the MODS development team and vice versa.

I'am wrong ? In this case, i apologize for this candid email.

Yves Pratter