>Yves, I don't think it is up to the MODS format to determine what is and
>what isn't "correct" transliteration.
Karen, you're right.

>What the format needs to do is to
>allow creators of metadata to carry and identify fields that represent
>different choices in how the data is presented.
What i mean is just to precisely indicate the transliteration used.
(one could write "wade-gilles", "wade giles", "wade-giles"; "bopomofo",
"BPMF", "Bo-Po-Mo-Fo", "Zhuyin Fuhao"...)

If MODS will use an attribute "transliteration", the schema for it could use
a restriction :

        <xsd:attribute name="transliteration" use="optional">
                <xsd:restriction base="xsd:string">
                    <xsd:enumeration value="pinyin"/>
                    <xsd:enumeration value="wade-giles"/>
                    <xsd:enumeration value="EFEO"/>
                    <xsd:enumeration value="bopomofo"/>
                    <xsd:enumeration value="Qur'an"/>


PS: Good link about Unicode, scripts, transliteration :
Unicode Demystified, from Richard Gillam