If you look carefully at sh 96006516 (American folk songs) and sh96006515
(Folk songs, American) you will see that these are not valid subject
headings.  They are what is called reference authority records.  The tip
off is the value "b" in the fixed field Auth/ref and the presence of
the 260 see reference field.  For example:

  Type:     z      Upd status:  a      Enc lvl:   n      Source:
  Roman:           Ref status:  n      Mod rec:          Name use: b
  Govt agn:        Auth status: n      Subj:      a      Subj use: b
  Series:   n      Auth/ref:    b      Geo subd:  n      Ser use:  b
  Ser num:  n      Name:        n      Subdiv tp: n      Rules:    n
   1  010     sh 96006515
   2  040     DLC $c DLC $d DLC
   3  005     20000831125401.0
   4  150     Folk songs, American
   5  260     $i headings of the type $a Folk songs, English--[place], $i
e.g. $a Folk songs, English--United States; Folk songs, English--New

The 260 should be read as "USE" or "SEE."  It's not the same as a 360
field which means "USE ALSO" or "SEE ALSO."

If you would like further explanation of MARC authority fields like these,
I recommend taking a look at the SACO Participants' Manual (sorry to toot
my own horn a little here, as I am the manual's author), which provides
field by field explanations and examples that should help folks decipher
authority records like this.  The manual can be bought from LC's
Cataloging Distribution Service, and it's also on Cataloger's Desktop and
free in PDF format on the SACO home page.


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