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OCLC Ends Support for Passport for Cataloging on Dec. 31, 2002

On June 30, 2002, OCLC Connexion was introduced as the new OCLC cataloging
platform.  Over the past 6 months, we have introduced many enhancements, and
more are on the way.  In mid-2003, the Windows client to OCLC Connexion will
be introduced.  Take a moment and visit  to
see all of the benefits and enhancements that Connexion has to offer.

OCLC would like to remind users that Passport for cataloging will no longer
be supported after December 31, 2002. This means that there will no longer
be any enhancements or patches developed for Passport for cataloging
purposes. If you have questions specifically related to Passport for
cataloging, OCLC User & Network Support staff may ask you to consider
migrating to OCLC Connexion or to OCLC CatME. However, this does not mean
that Passport will cease to work. Passport will continue to operate with the
OCLC Cataloging service until December 31, 2003. OCLC will continue to
support and answer questions about cataloging functionality (searching,
editing, etc.) with Passport until the end of 2003.

IMPORTANT:  This announcement does not affect Passport users of Interlibrary
Loan, Union List, and the Name Address Directory services. These services
will continue to operate with Passport until replacement systems are

As always, if you have any questions about the OCLC Cataloging service
itself, we welcome your calls.

We hope that you have already taken a look at Connexion at  If not, please logon with your current
cataloging authorization and password and begin planning your migration.

Thank you.

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