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Below is an updated list.  The dubious ones (single publisher)are marked with an
asterisk.  Do you think these should be included?  Others are on the first
list--they definitely have groups of journals within. Often they are part of a
larger aggregator (or multiple

Academic Press IDEAL --> now ScienceDirect

ADS (Astrophysics Data System online journals  (free)

*AIP conference proceedings (M)

*APS journals (American Physical Society)

*Bepress (Berkeley Electronic Press) online service

BioMed Central  (free)

Brookings  (free) (M)

California as I saw it (part of LC's American memory) (free) (M)

*Cambridge UP (Cambridge journals online)

China Academic Journals

CRCnetBASE (M & S)

eScholarship (part freely available) (M)

HighWire (part freely available)

*Liebert Online (Online service)

*Lippincott Williams & Wilkins (Online service)

*Marcel Dekker, Inc. (Online service)

*Nature Publishing Group (Online service)

OCLC FirstSearch ECO

*SIAM online journals

SwetsBlackwell --> SwetsWise

*Taylor and Francis

Wright's American fiction (free) (M)

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