At 10:45 AM 12/1/2002 +0200, you wrote:
>If one has an open record group which has already been encoded into an EAD
>document, can one create a new document for further material, and then merge
>the two (or more) programmatically? Is this only done for an output e.g.
>finding aid, or can and should a merged EAD document be created? Is it
>preferable to add the material onto the existing document? What if there are
>two different creators (agencies)?

The first question is not "how do I mark it up in EAD?" but "what should my
finding aid look like?"  In other words, before you determine encoding, you
determine content.  As for our usual method, we generally encode a record
group in a single finding aid; however, some record groups are so vast that
this creates a document that is so large that it is difficult to use.

In such cases, I have created a finding aid for the record group and linked
finding aids for sub-groups to the "main" document.  The finding aids for
the sub-groups are pointed to by live links.  Every finding aid we create
has an <arrangement> (formerly <organization>) tag that includes a list of
the series and sub-series in the record group or collection.  This is where
a live link to the sub-groups' finding aids can be listed.  I have not put
an example of this  online yet, so I cannot show you an example on the web.


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