XMetaL will open your file if you select the option to load (or create) the
file as "well-formed XML" since you have specified neither a DTD nor an XML

Since the pattern of your data- basically one Dublin Core tagged record
after another- is repetitive and consistent from record to record, a single
xsl:template would be all that is needed to process the data recursively.

I'm not sure what this means

>Would XMetaL allow me to easily change my layout/tables for my records?

as XMetaL has nothing to do with the output.  That is a function of the


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I'm creating a finding aid for a photograph collection.   I borrowed  XML
and XSL files from the University of Natal to create a draft inventory - - a
portion of which is at:

This inventory incorporates Dublin Core tagging.

Should an XSL file have some sort of if/then or for/next statement to
accommodate XML files of different lengths?  The XSL file I'm using:

does not have any kind of loop (only places for 499 records).

I'm currently editing with MS NotePad because XMetal is telling me that my
XML Schema was not specified (I'm not sure how to get around that).

If I could get XMetal to work for me, should I be able to use it to create
one style sheet for separate photograph collections of various sizes?  Would
XMetal allow me to easily change my layout/tables for my records?

Thank you and sincerely, Peter

Peter J. Roberts
Georgia State University