Greetings, all,

The Northwest Digital Archives consortium is six months into a two-year
grant to develop a union database of EAD-encoded finding aids. Because most
participants will be doing their first encoding as part of this project, we
want to start out using EAD version 2002 (no point in encoding a few finding
aids in version 1 and then have to switch almost immediately to the new
version). The problem is, version 2002 has not yet been released, and from
here, it's difficult to tell when that might happen.

I do have version 2002 EAD files (the DTD and related files for use with
XMetaL) that date from late October (thanks to Michael Fox). I could use
these to customize a template that would allow project participants to begin
encoding, but I'm concerned that changes may have been made to the DTD since
October. If members of the EAD Working Group monitor this list, may I ask if
you would recommend that we get going or wait a little longer? I think we'd
all like to be encoding finding aids fairly early in Jan.

Thanks very much.

Marsha Maguire
Manuscripts and Special Collections Cataloging Librarian
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