Fabulous! Perfect timing for us, too. I'll download everything when it's up;
the timing works well. Thank you so much!


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Subject: Re: OK for consortium project to use EAD 2002?

> EAD users:
> LC is working on updating the EAD Web site to change over to the 2002
> version of the DTD.  As you can imagine, quite a few Web pages are
> involved.  Rather than put up new pages piece-meal, we've been updating
> them in a test region, and hope to have the whole site switched over by
> the end of this week (Dec. 20th).  We had hoped this would occur last
> week, but bad weather and technical problems interfered.
> Randy Barry
> On Wed, 18 Dec 2002, Marsha Maguire wrote:
> > The Northwest Digital Archives consortium is six months into a two-year
> > grant to develop a union database of EAD-encoded finding aids. Because
> > participants will be doing their first encoding as part of this project,
> > want to start out using EAD version 2002 (no point in encoding a few
> > aids in version 1 and then have to switch almost immediately to the new
> > version). The problem is, version 2002 has not yet been released, and
> > here, it's difficult to tell when that might happen.
> >
> > I do have version 2002 EAD files (the DTD and related files for use with
> > XMetaL) that date from late October (thanks to Michael Fox). I could use
> > these to customize a template that would allow project participants to
> > encoding, but I'm concerned that changes may have been made to the DTD
> > October. If members of the EAD Working Group monitor this list, may I
ask if
> > you would recommend that we get going or wait a little longer? I think
> > all like to be encoding finding aids fairly early in Jan.
> >
> > Marsha Maguire
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> > University of Washington Libraries
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