To all Boston Area EAD Practitioners:

When I was recently asked what Boston area institutions use EAD, I was
surprised to realize that besides myself, the lone encoder at the
Massachusetts Historical Society, I could only think of Harvard and
Brandeis.  Aside from my hunch that others nearby must be facing the same
hurdles implementing EAD that I am, I was struck by how little I know about
EAD projects in this area.

In an effort to foster some regional communication, I propose a meeting of
Boston area EAD practitioners.  If you are in the Boston area, work with
EAD, and would be interested in sharing your thoughts over food and drinks,
please join Jackie Dean of Houghton Library and me at John Harvardís Brew
House in Harvard Square at 6pm on Thursday, January 16th.

I hope this will provide an opportunity to meet people with similar
professional interests, share experiences and advice, and learn about EAD
projects other than our own.

If you are interested in attending this collegial gathering, please RSVP to
me ([log in to unmask]) by January 8th.  If you canít make it on the 16th
but would like to participate, contact me anyways and Iíll keep you informed
of any potential future meetings.


Mike Rush
Michael Rush - Manuscript Processor
Massachusetts Historical Society
[log in to unmask] - (617)646-0553