LC PAIG Home Page

The Library of Congress Portals Applications Issues Group (LCPAIG) was formed in autumn 2002 to search for portal products that would best meet the reference and research needs of Library of Congress staff and users and to promote the Bibliographic Control of Web Resources: A Library of Congress Action Plan (available at: <>[12/02]) work item 2.1 calling for development and enhancement of portal functionality for the benefit of the library community in general.  To help support this group's dual purposes, the LCPAIG Web "Home Page" was constructed.  The URL for this resource is: <> [12/02].

The LCPAIG Home Page lists the goals, tasks, and members of the Library of Congress Portals Applications Issues Group.  It also presents a list of some selected portal products with links to the Web pages of the vendors and the products themselves.  In addition, the Home Page also includes a list of examples of portal systems used by libraries and links to selected Web resources that discuss issues regarding library portals in general.  LCPAIG will continue to make additions to all of these lists of portal products, vendors and resources.  Also under development and to be added later is an inventory of both essential and desirable features of a successful portal application; this will provide a checklist of functionality that might assist libraries in evaluating portal products.  

Mention of and linking to portal product and their creators or vendors does not constitute an endorsement by the Library of Congress of any of the products, and are given on this Web page as a convenient nexus for anyone trying to find out more about them.

The LCPAIG welcomes comments on the content of its Home Page as well as suggestions for its further development.  Please direct your suggestions to Gary Huggens, automation operations coordinator, Social Sciences Cataloging Division, at:<[log in to unmask]>.