Foster wrote:

>     we should allow people to use name of the language
> instead of code in MODS, because we will have collection that
> is generated from people not in library science background,
> and the name of the language is much more understandable by
> regular users who without access to the standards.

I agree with this.  Also, would not the language in which the language name
is written have to be specified as an attribute?  E.g., my supplied
real-language MODS data for the language "anglais" is French-language data,
as opposed to "English" which is English-language data.  Thus, will we also
need <lang=fre> or <lang=eng> (or the equivalent 2-character code) as an
attribute of this element?  (Apologies: I'm not adept enough in XML to give
you the statements the way they really should look.)


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