Yves, this is quite ambitious -- and I hope it does increase the awareness
of MODS in the French-speaking community.

It brought up a question for me: I can't find on the MODS site a link to
the MARC-to-XML transformation that takes place prior to the use of MARC
XML to MODS style sheet. (The link in the style sheet gets me a 404.) And
the style sheet for UNIMARC to MODS refers to a text document that is a
crosswalk, but I don't see where UNIMARC is converted to XML so that the
style sheet can be applied.

Am I missing something, or are there some bits that need to be filled in?
If the answers are in the style sheets or schemas, it would probably be
good to surface them to the actual page. I have this vague recollection of
encountering a step-by-step description of moving from MARC21 to MODS (or
maybe something else?) -- that would be helpful on the MODS page, and the
same for UNIMARC on Yves' page.


At 09:11 PM 12/10/2002 +0100, Yves Pratter wrote:
>You could find at the MODS UNofficial Web
>Site in french.
>It contain the UNIMARC2MODS stylesheet and french forum about MODS.
>It could contain in the future more french translations of the MODS
>I hope that a lot french speaking people and UNIMARC users will use MODS.
>This site contain an CVS tree.
>So it could be the "open-source-like environment where everyone can
>contribute "code" to the
>structure" as Karen suggest.
>I didn't already made an announce to the french librarian/xml community.
>Maybe you (Network Development and MARC Standards Office staff ?) could have
>some comments about this initiative.

Karen Coyle
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