While I appreciate knowing that you're selling rebuilt turntables, I'm
reminded that this is a discussion list, not a place to sell equipment
with free classified ads. At very least, you might want to keep the
prices off your "announcements" and let interested readers write you
off-list for prices. Or better yet, put your ad in the ARSC newsletter.

Larry Appelbaum

>>> [log in to unmask] 01/16/03 11:58AM >>>

 I will be offering a Technics SP-15 for sale once again. This unit is
in very good condition and has been completely rebuilt, cleaned, lubed
and has had all of the capacitors Replaced and should be good to go
many years to come.

 I will be selling the rebuilt motor assembly for 275.00 if anyone is
interested. I will include a copy of the Service/Owners manual CD
with this unit.

I will also offer the following upgrades for this, or any other Sp-15,
SL-1015 turntable.

Thrust bearing kits 39.95
  Much better then stock, reduces noise and rumble, improves platter

Re-Cap Kits 13.95
  All new electrolytic capacitor kits this is a must for any SP-15
unit has already had this done)

Power Supply Transistor Upgrade kits 12.95
  Again this is a must do for older units. (this unit is a newer unit
and does not need these)

Archivist Undersized master spindle kits 149.95 exch.
(includes thrust bearing kit)These are available on a limited basis.
Removable upper shaft assembly, great for 78 rpm use, allows you to
center a record with an off center hole.

Plus complete rebuilding/repair services.

Dave Meyers
Overkill audio inc.