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At 04:53 PM 1/17/2003 -0600, Audio101 wrote:

>Its my understanding that Otari MTR-10/12 decks can be made to run at
>3-3/4by moving some jumpers. I havent done this yet, but I plan to at some
>The Technics RS-1500 decks will do 3-3/4 and they have a switch able
>headstack that will play/rec half track tapes and play only 1/4" track
>consumer type tapes.
>  These are great decks, they have an Iso-loop tape transport system and
> there very reliable. Not the easiest to use or setup however.
>Akai made one machine that would hold 10reels and would play at 1-7/8these
>are very hard to find.
>  Im not sure the Sony APR-5003 decks will do 3-3/4but I would imagine
> they would, some studer decks will, and most Sony consumer types will.

And the Studer I was delighted to purchase thanks to information from this
list handles 3-3/4, 7-1/2 and 15 ips, 10" reels, and both half- and
quarter-track playback with outstanding handling and other virtues.

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