I sent a a query to this list yesterday morning and (through my ineptitude
or some sort list bedevilment) it never appeared. I'll try again:

A recent posting asked if it is is possible to get the digest version
without getting all the individual posts too. I have seen no answer as of
yet. Actually, I have never been able to figure out if there IS a digest
for arsclist. There is no mention on the ARSC site or the welcoming message
that I saved (I realize that this welcome may well be outdated by now due
to the change of server).

I have a great deal of interest in many of the issues that arise here, but
I frankly am not interested at all in some of those that generate a stream
of postings that my mail program keeps alerting me have arrived while I am
doing something else on my computer. All the other lists (MLA-L,
Archives-L, chileheads, hornlist - in case we are not yet personally
acquainted, this is probably much more than you ever wanted to know about
me.)that I am on let me dig up their messages in digested batches and this
suits me.

So, am I missing something?

Peter Hirsch
Head Archivist, Music & Sound recordings
Wilson Processing Project
The New York Public Library