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>Dear Harry,
>     The British Library National Sound Archive (from which I have just
>retired) was asked to transfer a collection of about 200 such cylinders. The
>NSA cylinder player had to be modified with a new "mandrel" to allow for the
>extra length (about two inches more than usual), and because it was an
>"amateur" format (in the sense that they weren't meant to be compatible with
>Edison commercial cylinders), the speeds varied widely, between 70 and 200
>rpm as I recall. Also the groove pitch was tighter, about 150 turns per
>inch. The BL cylinder player could cope with both those considerations, but
>I know no other reproducer which can. Our cylinders were labelled
>"Dictaphone". It seems this format was taken over by another American
>company when Edison's cylinder business failed during the slump of 1929.
>Peter Copeland

The Archeophone can easily handle these variables and more, without

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