Graham Newton is no longer on the ARSC list, but would like to pick
everyone's brain on this one...

Please reply to Graham (and the list if you think it's useful to others--I
would like to hear the answer).



From: Graham Newton <[log in to unmask]>
Organization: Audio Restoration by Graham Newton

The following is a request that I received for information on an obscure
recording format which I have never heard of.

If you can help this person, please respond to him directly.

john maniatis
[log in to unmask] wrote:

 > I am looking for any information you might be able to point me in the
 > direction of regarding a recording technology using big flat plastic
 > bands called "sonobands" that were used in the 1950's? [and earlier or
 > later?]  We  hava a collection of them with recordings made by a famous
 > collector of artifacts, and we are interested in figuring out if we can
 > play them,  We have the machine for them, but of course due to their
 > brittle nature, we are seeking any information that anyone might be able
 > to provide us.