Hi all; I'm involved in an audio restoration project.  In 1999 there
were some messages on this list about the problem, but I haven't
been able to find any definitive answers.

Note that "dry tape squeal" is not the same as sticky-shed.  Dry
tape squeal happens when the tape's original lubricant has dried up
due to age.

Is there any approved process to re-lubricate a tape?  I'm loathe
to go out and buy any random silicone libricant or whatever and
start spraying.

There was an article out of the library of congress

which says to apply a "silicone solution or Krytox" but I'm not entirely
sure what this even means.  (Krytox is an entire product line from DuPont.)

Can anybody tell me what the approved solution is?


        -ed falk