Here's another disclaimer. I'm not speaking for the Library here,
only for myself. Even though I only intend to state a fact... can't be
to careful these days.

   Just want to clear up a misunderstanding stated below. The list of
50+ recordings (nicely beefed up by naming whole sessions or periods of
time) named by the Librarian are supposed to be preserved by the Library
in some way and I have no doubt that everyone involved will do the best
job they can with the resources made available to them. The process of
preserving them will initiate discussion of important preservation
issues. Members of this list-serv and other concerned parties will most
likely be involved in some way.
   What will NOT happen is the posting of these recordings (beyond a 30
second fragment, if that) on the internet or any other kind of
unlicensed sharing or dissemination. The Library may preserve any
recordings it wishes to under fair use laws, but it may not distribute
them.  As has been stated before, all recordings appear to be under some
sort of copyright unless proven otherwise. It's possible that 1 or 2 on
the list are actually in the public domain, but that will have to be

James Wolf

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"This Land is Your Land" means just that. This Congress is your
This Library of Congress is Your Library of Congress. These recordings
your recordings. The Supreme Court and Sonny Bono have stolen them and
now throwing some 50 song pittance back at you that they have decided
what you should hear.-ml

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>Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] National Recording Registry
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>At 04:37 PM 1/28/2003 -0500, Mike Loughlin wrote:
>>Does the President, or Congress for that matter, know that the
Library of
>>Congress has chosen a Communist's recording (Woody Guthrie) in it's
>>group of choices for the "National Recording Registry" (whatever
>Surely, you have a more comprehensive list of qualifications for an
>than that. What are the permitted religions, races and sexual
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