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brian levy

At 17:28 2003-01-29 -0600, you wrote:
>Hi David,
> From personal experience this is a very touchy subject for many
>collectors.  Nevertheless, please permit me to separate your question into
>two parts.
>In the short term, assuming an adequate applicator was employed, cleaning
>with the diluted dish washing liquid will remove a noticeable amount of
>contaminants & afford some sonic improvement.  It is by no means
>thorough.  A variety of contaminants remain including components of the
>commercial detergent [perfumes, oils, dyes, etc].  For the most part, all
>of these remaining materials are biological feed stocks to support future
>growth of mold & mildew.  Please remember that most liquid dish washing
>detergents are not very effective are removing mold & mildew nor are the
>formulated to rinse residue free.
>The use of the tooth-brush is hard to quantify.  Bristle configurations
>vary & what is soft to one may not be to someone else.  Relative to "hard"
>surfaces such as old shellac, Diamond Discs & acetates I don't believe a
>soft tooth brush is harmful, it's just poor at reaching into groove
>effectively.  The idea is to present a fiber mass that fits well in the
>groove & has the characteristics required to strongly & safely agitate the
>cleaning solution.  Random directionality, inappropriate fiber construction
>as well as the choice of fiber are variable that must be carefully
>controlled is the quality & safety of the process is to be assured.  This
>is why I've repeated argued that variations of painter pads are not as
>effective as some would believe.  Careful listening comparisons routinely
>demonstrate the value of better cleaning materials.
>It is a wonderful experience to hear the results of thorough cleaning of
>78s as well as modern vinyl pressings.  We hope later this year to evaluate
>alternate methods for the cleaning of lacquers prior to plating in an
>effort to improving the quality of modern vinyl pressings.  And don't be
>fooled.   Great analog mastering & recording engineers are still among us
>as well as the facilities to produce the highest quality of pressings.  In
>the end we hope to re-define the standard for recorded sound with the goal
>of encouraging a greater effort to be made to bring digital recording
>technology up to this level.
>It matters to us & should to others, regards,
>Duane Goldman
>At 04:39 PM 1/23/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>>A question thrown out in general, but in particular to the doctor:
>>What harmful effects occur from using a detergent such as Ivory liquid,
>>highly diluted, applied to a shellac disc with a soft bristled
>>looking forward to some responses.
>>David Sager
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