Dr. Cheryl Thurber wrote:

When my children were babies I discovered that a baby
hairbrush was the most effective brush to use on 78s.
It is extremely soft, with multiple bristles. I have
tried various cleaning solutions over the years, but
have always stuck with the baby hairbrush, it gets
into the grooves.

> The use of the tooth-brush is hard to quantify.
> Bristle configurations
> vary & what is soft to one may not be to someone
> else.  Relative to "hard"
> surfaces such as old shellac, Diamond Discs &
> acetates I don't believe a
> soft tooth brush is harmful, it's just poor at
> reaching into groove
> effectively.  The idea is to present a fiber mass
> that fits well in the
> groove & has the characteristics required to
> strongly & safely agitate the
> cleaning solution.  Random directionality,
> inappropriate fiber construction
> as well as the choice of fiber are variable that
> must be carefully
> controlled is the quality & safety of the process is
> to be assured.

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