At 08:08 PM 1/15/2003 -0600, Premise Checker wrote:
>I hope someone takes this stuff and holds it until the time when it can go
>onto the net as MP3 files. I'm presently coordinating getting some 2000
>C-90s that include most of the Victor and Columbia M sets to a friend,
>Kevin Mostyn. Is anyone here now interested in helping out putting them on
>the net? Much, much easier than working with the 78s!

It could get up onto the Internet quite easily. You're talking about less
than 50 GB (figuring 32 Kbps). I'd guess that there are already electronic
catalogues which can be used for documentation. Initial availability would
then depend only on having bandwidth for whatever traffic develops.

One could select and qualify a group to process the files after the initial
posting, denoising and editing from the cassettes or (more reaosnably) from
WAV captures used for the initial posting. I would recommend similar
deferral of database development. The initial system would provide access
with the catalogue number or with full-text search either using HTML or a
PDF version of the catalogue. In time, that could evolve to a sequel
server. Similarly, upgrading the connection speed can be delayed until the
initial link is saturated.

As if it were not obvious, I'm a firm believer in pilot plants before even
planning full production.

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