Well lets hope that at some point the sound quality becomes paramount.  It
surely isn't using less than thoroughly cleaner recordings transferred to
current digital formats.  Analog technology is still the more accurate
representation available whether or not Sony & Phillips agree; and they
were never interested in sound quality, only in a new product to sell.

Somewhere the people involved got sidetracked by convenience & forgot to
listen to the product, at least I hope that's the reason.


Duane Goldman

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>>The host said "with great difficulty".
>>Here's how you do it fellas. You take a cassete recorder and hook it up to a
>>phillips (or any other brand) cd recorder and you transfer it following the
>>simple instructions in the manual. Converting sound recordings to digital
>>recordings takes no expertise at all.
>Boy is this true.  What I find in all of the work that I have done is
>that, at the end of the day, with voice recordings especially, the quality
>matters less than the content.  Spending too much time on quality rather
>than on the value and the meaning of the content to contemporary
>generations--  is a waste of time.  The host was completely uninformed and
>probably turned off some young people who would like to do this sort of
>thing.  Too bad.
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