Dear members of the ARSCLIST,

 Sheesh I had no idea my post would cause such a fiasco, I did not mean
to upset anyone especially Mr. applebaum that has posted his response
several times now.

 My post's never have been a problem in the past, in fact, most people
seem to be happy to know someone is selling, servicing, and making
custom parts for these decks. I know that many of you use this same
Table, so when I get a new unit in, I offer it to the list before I list
it on ebay.

 And for Mr. Csontos I am not sure where else you're seeing my posts,
but this is the only archive type list I belong to. But, I have had 2
Sp-15's up for sale recently. And will have a few more available soon. I
will not list those here again however due to the negative response on
this new list.

 Again my apologies to any and all that were offended by my posting.

Any List members looking for SP-15's, or parts and service can contact
me directly or please contact Kurt Nauck.

Dave Meyers
Overkill audio inc.

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> At very least, you might want to keep the
>  prices off your "announcements" and let interested readers write you
>  off-list for prices. Or better yet, put your ad in the ARSC

To me the most frustrating thing about an announcement of the
availability of
an item is the lack of price information.  If I can't tell whether your
talking about $10.00 or $10,000, don't tell me about it.

In a field that includes cassette players selling from $5.00 to
$5000.00, we
really need to know what is being discussed. "Pro Audio Review" magazine
would be useless if they didn't give the price of each item reviewed "At

On the other hand, I've seen the SP-15 post enough already, perhaps
because I
subscribe to several archive lists. It is reaching the point of wanting
avoid that vendor.

Mike Csontos