It's my understanding that Otari MTR-10/12 decks can be made to run at
3-3/4" by moving some jumpers. I haven't done this yet, but I plan to at
some point.

The Technics RS-1500 decks will do 3-3/4 and they have a switch able
headstack that will play/rec half track tapes and play only 1/4" track
consumer type tapes.
 These are great decks, they have an Iso-loop tape transport system and
there very reliable. Not the easiest to use or setup however.

Akai made one machine that would hold 10" reels and would play at 1-7/8"
these are very hard to find.

 Im not sure the Sony APR-5003 decks will do 3-3/4" but I would imagine
they would, some studer decks will, and most Sony consumer types will.

Dave Meyers
Overkill audio inc.

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Has anyone tried to buy a good reel to reel recorder with 3 3/4 ips
They are practically non existent. It is more of a service than a sales
advertisement. I say keep 'em coming.

I say-- keep them coming as well.  I always learn more from others
trying to work with equipment that I either need or already have in my
shop.  I am currently transferring sound using a professional 1 inch
video recorder that was sold by Sony 23 years ago.  The sound quality is
fantastic.  Sharing ideas about machines, whether for sale are not, is