I am a bit late on the 3 3/4 issue but for the record I have several 1/4
track recorders that run at that speed. Tascam 3400 and Akai 625 are 2 of
them and they both hold up to 10" reels.
These tapes look similar so I would suspect a manufacturing link right
there. I never paid for these recorders as they were given to me by friends
and clients who cleared shop and the price was right.

Joav Shdema
Producer / Engineer

Joav Shdema Inc.
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> On 17/01/03, Audio101 wrote:
> > Akai made one machine that would hold 10" reels and would play at
> > 1-7/8" these are very hard to find.
> As the sound quality at this speed isn't going to be great, it would be
> OK to digitise carefully with the tape running at 3 3/4 and then
> change the sample rate.
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