I can only recommend the Disc Doctor cleaner. I am not sure what is "priced
out of this world" but this stuff do the trick. Any cleaner containing
alcohol will damage older discs (a-la all 78rpms) dissolving the shellac and
this is very important if you deal with albums not made from vinyl/plastic.
The Disc Doctor do not contain agents that would harm your record collection
or skin.

Joav Shdema
Producer / Engineer

Joav Shdema Inc.
Sound Production / Restoration

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Sent: Thursday, January 16, 2003 7:45 AM
Subject: arsclist HELP with cleaners for vinyl records

I have a record cleaning machine for my vinyl collection, but I need to get
some more cleaner to use with it.  When I bought the machine, it came with
one small bottle of cleaner.  I also bought a bottle of concentrate that I
added to a gallon of distilled water.  After sitting around for years, that
mixture got kinda funky so I threw it away.  It's time to get something new.

I shopped around for commercial cleaners, but all the ones I found are
priced out of this world.

I did some research on the subject online.  I think this is the solution I
want to make:

75 ml distilled water

25 ml Isopropyl alcohol (make sure there are no additives, like Lanolin)

.5 ml wetting agent (Kodak Photo flow, Triton X-114 or X-100)

... but instead of Triton X-114 or X-100 which are suppose to be nasty
things that can cause health problems, I hope to use Triton(tm) XL-80N
surfactant from Dow Chemical which is suppose to be safe.

I went to Dow's web page and requested a sample a couple weeks ago.  The
only thing I received from them was a specification in the form of a .pdf

Any thoughts/comments on the subject?  Does anyone know I can buy a small
quantity of Triton(tm) XL-80N surfactant.