Poor Senator McCarthy. History would have been kinder had he ceased simply
accusing Fellow Travelers in favor of extracting "confessions" through
torture a'la Uncle Joe Stalin and his NKVD (Soviet Secret Police).

Ooh, the irony...

John Potwora

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> Mike, Yes it could be called sarcasm. I prefer to call it a "probe" a
> used by Herbert Marshall McCluhan to stimulate thought and get to the
> of things.  If the general public does actually ever look at the list some
> neo-McCarthyites might show up though. If Rush Limbaugh ever looks at the
> list and tells the Prez some funding will probably cease. ml
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> >At 08:05 PM 1/28/2003 -0500, Mike Loughlin wrote:
> >>Mike, In my mind Woody Guthrie was one of the greatest songwriters that
> >>ever
> >>lived. What I am doing is pointing out the meaninglessness of this
> >>"National
> >>Recording Registry" nonsense and its counterproductiveness.  If the LOC
> >>has
> >>the entire Woody Guthrie catalog they should put that online tomorrow.
> >>That's what Woody would have wanted, not to be known for one
> >>with verses omitted.
> >>"This Land is Your Land" means just that. This Congress is your
> >>This Library of Congress is Your Library of Congress. These recordings
> >>your recordings. The Supreme Court and Sonny Bono have stolen them and
> >>now throwing some 50 song pittance back at you that they have decided is
> >>what you should hear.-ml
> >
> >The tenor of your post suggested: How dare they permit such a radical on
> >that sacred list. My own reaction is that the list is heavily
> >(did you miss the Blitzstein?), but that that is in fact an accurate
> >reflection of much enduring music from that turbulent era.
> >
> >If you reread what you wrote, you may see that it sounds as though
> >by a neo-McCarthyite. Your sarcasm was lost on me, I'm afraid, without
> >explanation you provided above.
> >
> >Mike
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