I'm taking the liberty of forwarding this information just posted to the A-V
media listserve.

Forgive me if you have already seen it.  I'm trying to distribute it as
widely as I can.

With some newer CD software, it's sometimes difficult to get it to run as
slowly as it needs to.  It's a programming problem.  Had it here.  See your
technical person.

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> Although not an extensive study by any means, I do have some data to
> illustrate what Dr. Hartke was discussing.  Ten different CD-R types
> were
> burned on two different recorders and then analyzed using a QA-301 CD
> analyzer from Clover Systems.  On one burner the discs were recorded at
> speeds of 2x, 4x, and 12x, whereas on the other burner the discs were
> recorded at 1x, 4x, and 10x.  The min and max speeds are the limits that
> the recorders would work at.
> Looking at BLER rates and E22 and E32 errors and without getting into
> too
> much detail the 4x recording speeds produced significantly better
> recorded
> disc in almost all cases.  The 1x  and 2x recorded discs produced the
> poorest discs in essentially all cases and the 10x and 12x recorded
> discs
> fell in between the 4x and lower speed results.  The discs used were
> rated
> for max speeds of 24x and so I have no data about 48x speed discs.
> However, I suspect that the faster the rating for recording speeds for
> CD-R
> discs the less likely that slower recording speeds will work well.  If
> this
> is correct then maybe 4x is not the best speed to use for 48x and
> higher.
> Joe Iraci
> Conservation Scientist
> Canadian Conservation Institute
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